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The department faculty has developed, some times or the other, collaborative research programmes with faculty in the following institutes leading to published work:

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Research Projects: (Last Five Years)

H.S. Mehta

Decomposition of Function Spaces

1 Year


A.H. Hasmani

A brief Study of Singularities in General relativity

1 Year


D.J. Karia

Functional Representation of Topological Algebras

1 Year


H.V. Dedania

Harmonic Analysis on Abelian Groups with Weights

1 Year


Brief Report of the work done

Note: This does not contain work done by the following faculty members, who were in the Department.

1. Prof. M. V. Bhat
2. Prof. M. D. Patel
3. Prof. V. Raghvendra
4. Prof. P. B. Ramanujan

5. Prof. M. H. Vasavada
6. Prof. B. S. Yadav
7. Prof. S.M. Patel

(A) Functional Analysis (B) Operator algebras/operator theory (C) Harmonic Analysis on abelian groups with weights
(D) General Relativity and Gravitation (E) Mathematical Modeling (F) Tribology
The Department of Mathematics is committed to maintain the standard of teaching and research at international level. We are proud to announce that the UGC has given us Rs 116 lakhs grant under the Special Assistant Programme (SAP) for the five years (2015 to 2020). The Functional Analysis has been identified as the thrust area of research by the UGC under the SAP-III program. The faculty of the department is actively doing research in various areas of mathematics. The following are the related sub fields in which we intend to carry out our investigation.
  • Banach Algebras and Topological Algebras
  • Operator Theory and Operator Algebras
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Geometric Methods and Algebraic computation in General Relativity
  • Applications of Analysis
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Mathematical Tribology
  • Mathematical Biology
  • Differential Equations
  • Linear Analysis Methods in Graph Theory